And you are absorbed in that vibrant empty fullness

bouncing boundaries

Group exhibition in TOR Art Space Frankfurt am Main, 2023

Group show with Lisa Sebastikova, Leslie Nagel, Carmen Westermeier, Julia Hainz, Ulrike Markus, Aura Rendón Benger 


The exhibition bouncing boundaries aims to delve into the intricate relationship between the body, movement, and space from an artistic perspective. It serves as a platform for six artists, who, for the first time, come and work together at the TOR Art Space, in Frankfurt am Main. Through their distinct artistic approaches, the artists explore the theme, presenting works specifically created for the TOR Art Space. The exhibition invites visitors to engage critically with the multifaceted connection between space, movement, and the body.

Throughout art history, the realms of space and the body have been intertwined and subject to extensive discourse.

This exhibition project focuses on the various ways in which the body moves through, occupies, and is defined by both physical and conceptual spaces.

And you are absorbed in that vibrant empty fullness