“In your living room #4” – Group exhibition 2012

Leslie Nagel, Amber Oskam, Louis van Iterson and Aura Rendón Benger

In your living room is an ongoing project of exhibitions held outside the institution and inside the domestic sphere. This initiative is founded by a group of students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague who decided to use their own home as presentation space for contemporary arts. visit the website here http://www.inyourlivingroom.nl/

Artistic Research

People needed to go through a process of different procedures before they were able to enter the “the exhibition space”, the living room. They had to wait in a hallway with a penetrant sound sculpture until they were asked in. Thereupon they had to put on an overall – a necklace with a number was put on them and their hand got disinfected then finally they could enter the living room.

The living room was all covered in plastic, all the furniture and the floor. The room was quite empty aside of a multiplicity of different sitting possibilities. The only thing that apparently happened was a big, screened countdown (from three hours to zero) and a live screening from the space where people got prepared before they could enter the living room.

The experience of the time in the living room was in the end a waiting for the countdown finale. People tried to make conversation to get time passed and to bear up against the wish to get out of the sweaty suits. In the last minutes of the countdown, the anticipation rose to get at last a great and exciting “event”. Instead, nothing more happened, the countdown just signalled the end of the event and left the people, with their wishes for an entertaining time, all unsatisfied