Installation 2014 – Graduation

Graduation project:
I consider it important to create tension and emotions between the audience, my work and sometimes myself as a performer; therefore my ideas find their climax in performative and interactive installations, spurring that immediate and ephemeral exchange between my creation and the audience. I often confront the viewer in the most natural way – by using the body as a container of sculptural energy and recourses. My works are grounds on which body and mind converge. A memory is transformed into a physical experience.

Thesis: What is the good life?
“Humans are happy because of what they do and who they are; because they love someone or are somewhere. So, to ask seriously how to be happy is implicitly to ask a different question: how should we live?” (Mark Vernon) In my thesis I investigate the visions and utopian ideas of alternative ways of living, about their origins, intentions and challenges to the point of finding my own ideals for such a community.