“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

― Sarah Kay

The creative process is a mystical one. The initial spark of this work was the space itself, the particular exhibition space of Museum Beelden aan Zee. A room that has no direct windows yet faces the sea, the beach and the high grass of the dunes. A room built in ancient style, church-like with a nave and two aisles, once only the carrier and cellar of the villa above. Today the space is at the heart of the Museum’s modern, concrete structure. This very unique condition of this space had spurred in me all kind of association and thoughts, stimulating the creative process and the development of my work. The high-contrast complexity of the space and its surrounding have been incorporated into my installation. The elements of nature are so present in the  museum, yet they remain outside. It is my ambition to invite them in through my installation. Although not directly in the elements of water, earth or fire but in a sublimated form. The element of air is present within each form of my installation. The material of the installation distinctly absorbs the atmosphere of its surrounding in aspects of colors were as the textile imitates the talent of the sea and sky to reflect. The installation is the reflection of my sea – my „inner sea“. In this way the installation is also an invitation to you, as an observer, to meet your „inner sea“, to form your own experience. My sculptures may invite you to sense beyond what can be visually observed.

It is this place, so close to the sea, which demanded me to face my own „inner sea“, to observe and recognize this force of nature, this immense strength and  sometimes frightening motion.

What is your „inner sea“?

Mine is a place of movement and rhythm, of peace and stillness; a carrier for overwhelming emotions: joy, fear, pleasure, doubt, happiness and melancholia. And yet its  changeability contains an infinite consistency.

Rendez-vous à la mer – an invitation to meet at the sea! An invitation to meet with your inner waves of experience and emotions, to encounter the forms, texture and movements of my installation.